Vixen Exclusive: Zoe Saldana Talks Getting Naked for ‘Allure’ Cover, Experimenting With Women [Video]


Zoe Saldana’s not just ballsy in pretty much all of her movie roles, this leading lady stripped for the cover of Allure. The Star Trek actress stirred fans in her “original uniform,” but tells VIBE cameras that she’s certainly comfortable in her own skin. “I grew up in a household where the body was not what was tainted, it was the mind,” she says of her clothes-less photo shoot.

Another shocker? Saldana isn’t opposed to raising her future children with a woman.

“I did mean it,” she admits, referencing the quote. “As of now, my life as I know it, I’ve been attracted to the male species. But, if one day I wake up and I want to pursue down that path with a woman, I’m gonna do it.”

Check out this silver screen goddess on camera here.