#VVQOTD Answered: What Fictitious Movie Character Do You Relate to the Most?


I love Drew Barrymore for many reasons. One: She is so damn adorable. Those cherub cheeks, bright smile and sweet disposition? Yes, my girl crush for this woman is serious. Second: I was flabbergasted that a woman so cool could have gone to rehab at age 13 and come out even better. If that isn’t a comeback, I don’t know what is.

I love all of her movies, but there is a special place in my pint sized heart for Never Been Kissed. While I don’t consider myself as successful as the fictional Josie Geller, I do connect with her undying passion for writing stories that touch people.

I was never bullied in high school. No one called me “Josie Grossie” or invited me to prom only to throw eggs at my head; however, I was super awkward. Add in the fact that I was the only black kid in a school of thousands, and you can see why I always felt alone.

For me, the best part of Never Been Kissed is watching Josie come full circle—realizing that she had to confront her past, no matter how difficult, in order to move forward in the present. In the end, she wrote a great article for her newspaper and snagged a very hot boyfriend (Hello Michael Vartan!).

At 24 years young, there are still a million goals I strive to accomplish, but like my fictional doppelganger, I write for a great publication (#teamVixen) and yes: My boyfriend is very hot. If you ever need that push to fight for what you want, pop in this rom-com classic.