#VVQOTD Answered: Which Album Are You Anticipating Most?


Jhene AikoBetween Ciara, Jessie Ware, Jhené Aiko and Kelly Rowland, whose album am I anticipating most?

Hands down, I’m looking forward to Jhené’s album. I follow the petite-sized chantreuse on Tumblr and Twitter and totally dig her energy. She seems personable, relatable and completely down to earth. No diva antics. A girl-next-door type who sings whispery cuts about the throes of love. She’s a breath of fresh air, something different…and change is always good.

Her unspoken R&B competitors fall into the categories of Dancer, Who? and Not Beyoncé.

Ciara is such a great dancer that you just don’t get the same effect listening to her album without the visuals. You need to see her on the dance floor, in her element. That’s it.

I’m not too familiar with Jessie Ware, who’s said to to be a young Sade. But that’s a tall order for the British pop singer considering the icon’s success, which can generate too high expectations.

As for Kelly Rowland, she’s just Kelly, and that unshakable comparison to Beyoncé will always remain constant.

While Jhené is certainly no King B either, she’s not trying to make the same kind of music. She’s making her own music, and it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s. Your own voice, your own sound, the beat of your own drum—that’s something we can all vibe with. — April Dawn Ricchuito

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