#VVQOTD Answered: Which Celebrity Would Have the Most Interesting Tell-All Book?


It’s a toss up between wanting to read a tell-all from Jay-Z or a thumbing through a steamy novel about Rihanna.

I admire everything about Hov is a household name but has kept so much of his life under wraps. It would enlightening and motivational to open the floodgates to his business acumen, hear more about his experiences (Dame Dash tales, anyone?) and how life as a father is shaping his life. Does he see the world differently?

Sure, he’s addressed some of these things in his music, but one can hardly know all of a man by a few verses from a speaker. But Jay wouldn’t be Jay, if he released a tell-all (The Black Book seems to be locked away forever), would he? He’s allowed his silence to speak for him so much that the rising stars of today are taking notes. “Jay Z doesn’t address that stuff, so why should I,” Justin Bieber asked.

As for Mrs. Fenty, she’s nothing short of an open book already. The controversial icon shows us so much of her life through social networks that there may not be much to tell, outside of her relationship (or non-relationship) to Chris Brown. She’s granted a few interviews about Breezy, but since the “Fine China” singer has made comments about not wanting to wife the Bajan princess, enough is enough. Write a book! Use your bad romance to help others. Show us some personal growth and maturation happening here. Bring us more than your music and signature red lipstick.

Bring us the cold, hard truth…and tell it like it is. — April Dawn Ricchuito