Wale Talks ‘The Gifted,’ Summer Jam, Parting Ways With Tiara Thomas


Wale sat down with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg, K. Foxx and Ebro this morning to discuss everything from his upcoming album The Gifted to his upcoming performance at his Summer Jam this weekend. The MMG rapper even talked with the morning show about feedback from fans and naysayers on social networks.

“I can take an opinion, but I don’t like when you try and spew hate and contaminate the way other people think,” Wale said. “I feel like I’m one of the people that’s always made music for the common man. That’s why I don’t really live my life the way I could. I don’t stunt as much as I could stunt, ‘cause that’s not who my music is for. My shit for like, regular niggas that wanna hear about real shit.”

The conversation then turned to Tiara Thomas, the singer featured on Wale’s hit single “Bad.” Without giving away a slew of details, the rapper alluded that Thomas has chosen to ink another deal instead of signing with his TBA label. The two had worked together for two years, according to Wale.

“I don’t believe in paperwork too soon, because I like to show and prove what I can do […] I ain’t wanna scare nobody. Like, let’s make the music, let’s vibe,” he said. “That’s why I’ll kick myself before I complain about somebody else. It’s the music business, a lot people ain’t your friend-friend for real like that sometimes.”

Wale kept the discussion on the matter amicable, ultimately wishing Thomas well and giving her credit as an artist.

“She did what she had to do. She did what she thought was in her best interest,” he said. “And I guess that’s what all people do. So shout out to her and her situation.”

The interview concluded with a conversation about Wale’s The Gifted album. The rapper discussed the album’s artwork as well has his involvement in the creative process.

“I really wanted it to be elaborate because this is the most hands on I’ve ever been. I’m talking about from every string arrangement, to the levels of the vocals that you hear, the way you hear the music, the way it’s structured,” he said. “It really tells a story. I’m ending songs where you can hear the bass from the next song. Or you can hear faintly the hook for the next song coming in.

Wale rapper only confirmed one guest feature on the album: Nicki Minaj. The two collaborated for a strip club anthem called “Clappers.” He also shared that he has recorded a remix to “Bad” featuring Rihanna, but urged her fans to push for the songs release.

The Gifted drops June 25th.