Wale Unveils ‘The Gifted’ Tracklist


Ralph Folarin pulls the curtain back on the tracklist for his junior album The Gifted. While the only two features listed for the offering are Sam Dew and Tiara Thomas, journos who had an advanced listening say the catalog is packed with mainstream’s finest. Before it hits shelves June 25, check out the rundown below.

1. The Curse of the Gifted
2. LoveHate Thing (Ft. Sam Dew)
3. Sunshine
4. Heavin In the Afternoon
5. Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)
6. Vanity
7. Gullible
8. Bricks
9. Clappers
10. Bad (Remix)
11. Tired of Dreaming
12. Rotation
13. Simple Man
14. 88
15. Black Heroes
16. Bad (Ft. Tiara Thomas)