WATCH: ‘American Idol’ 2013’s Most Busted Auditions by BEP

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American Idol 2013 has been full of conflict this season: Mariah Carey fighting Nicki Minaj and Ryan Seacrest fighting bad hair as the show fights its lowest ratings ever. In time for the big American Idol finale on Thursday, May 16, BEP (Broken Equipment Productions) takes us back to the beginning, before all the conflict, to everyone’s favorite part of Season 12 — the American Idol audition tour.

We meet Rigsby Malone a 28-year-old ninth grader who came all to see Nicki Minaj’s assets and sing The Lion King theme song for the judges. Things don’t go so well for ol’ Rigsby, but at least this guy got to audition before she split.

VIBE will be releasing a new BEP episode each week for the next eight weeks. Tomorrow we’ll see what would happen if Frank Ocean, Rihanna and Future squared off at the AI finale. Stay tuned for animated spoofs on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Marrying the Game and Catfish and more.

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