WATCH: Bill Hader Bids ‘SNL’ Farewell With Star-Studded Stefon Wedding

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We’ll miss Bill Hader always breaking character as Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update entertainment guest correspondent Stefon. For his last gig, Stefon gave picks for spring activities around the Big Apple, including the new hot club Pants located on that “fake street from Seinfeld” and where you can find “human magic eight balls” or midgets that you shake that say things like, “Try again later.”

Things don’t go so well during Stefon’s last segment. He and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers part on a sour note. Stefon leaves the show for greener pastures and to marry another man… Anderson Cooper. Present at the wedding are everyone’s favorite fuzzy alien Alf, Gizmo the Gremlin, Steve Urkel and DJ Baby Bok Choy. We won’t give away the entire ending but it is indeed a heart-felt goodbye.