Watch: Chris Kelly Freestyling Hours Before His Death


Less than a week after his alleged drug overdose, footage of Chris Kelly’s last freestyle, recorded hours before his death, has been released.

The 34-year old member of ’90s hip-hop duo, Kris Kross, was filmed walking around, reportedly under the influence, spitting lyrics to what could have been an upcoming song he was working on. The man recording was clearly inebriated as well, slurring words while showing a place with empty alcohol bottles strewn about. In one line of the track, Mac Daddy eerily rapped, “Look around you/it’s full of dead bodies.”

The video was shot at 7am on May 1. Later that day, DJ Greg Street of V103 issued a statement explaining, “Around 7:45 (pm) I received a phone call from his cousin saying they had found Kelly at the house just 20 minutes earlier and he was unresponsive.”

Kelly’s funeral is set to take place next week in Atlanta.