Watch: Former Basketball Wives Star Eric Williams In ‘The Caribbean Heist’

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Just when you thought that reality TV couldn’t leverage itself into other avenues, we now have a clip that is sure to make you head to the next Basketball Wives casting call.

What happens when you take a bunch of hot, gorgeous, incredibly sexy women and place them in a plot that resembles Set It Off? The answer: 2013’s Caribbean Heist.

This motion picture finds five women who move to Miami Beach in search of the high life, great times and, eventually, fast cash. After realizing that the fast life is the road to riches, the tantalizing tandem team up to rob rich men in their own homes for millions of dollars.

The struggling economy makes life difficult for these dazzling dames, so with the risks quantifying the rewards, the ladies decide that robbing the rich to make themselves rich is an endeavor worth pursuing. The film stars Lindsay Washburn, Christa Graziano, Caroline Schwitzky, Keriyani, Nancy Sayegh and VH1’s own Basketball Wives (or should we say ‘Hubby’), Eric Williams.

The Caribbean Heist will be available for download at The Caribbean Heist on May 10th.