Watch: HBO Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look At ‘The Newsroom’ Season 2

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This lovely little juicy nugget of a clip aired prior to Sunday night’s Game of Thrones and gives fans of The Newsroom some behind-the-scenes goodness at what it’s like to film the dramatic program.

A new clip takes viewers behind the scenes of, ironically, a show that is all about behind the scenes of a cable news show. There isn’t really anything particularly notable in here from a content perspective, but you do get to see Jeff Daniels trying his best to look like broadcast royalty as Will McAvoy while Olivia Munn teases her hair.

The Newsroom enters into its second season in an interesting position, mostly in that the first season was something audience members either loved, or hate-watched like they did most of the first year of NBC’s Smash. The video shows shots of the crew shooting a crew of actors who are shooting the news.

See for yourself below:

The HBO series’ biggest strength is that its audience gets an insider’s look at a newsroom and breaks the walls down to show that it’s narrative is just as interesting as the subjects they cover. Even though anyone with common sense should already know that The Newsroom is a scripted drama, but the Aaron Sorkin-produced drama has been prepping some interesting challenges for our cast of characters to face in its second season.

If you want some serious hints about what will make up this “Behind The Scenes Tease” is not the video for you, you’ll have to wait until the premiere on HBO on July 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

Props: Bleeding Cool