Watch: Jamie Foxx Doesn’t Like People Touching His Jordans In ‘White House Down’ Trailer

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You can always count on Roland Emmerich to increase the heart rates of millions of cinephiles, and his next film, White House Down, has no shortage of blowing stuff up!

White House Down stars Channing Tatum as a man applying for a job as a Secret Service Agent who gets denied for the position. After that denial, he takes his daughter to the White House for a tour on the same day it comes under attack, and with that he gets a chance to prove himself by protecting the President.

Jamie Foxx also joins the cast as the President of the United States. The movie itself is painted as a fairly dark, suspense-filled thriller with the promise of a lot of explosions, violence and Channing Tatum’s rippling muscles. The new promo for the Roland Emmeric-directed film presents it with a much different tone: A light film, with an almost buddy-buddy feel between Tatum’s would-be Secret Service agent and President Jamie Foxx.

Minus the aliens, however, White House Down is looking like an off-brain batch of fun for those interested in a good time. You can check out the trailer for yourself below:

Props: EW