Watch: Jean Grey Seduce Logan In New ‘Wolverine’ Trailer

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The folks at 20th Century Fox and at Marvel proudly present to us their second full-length clip for The Wolverine which stars Hugh Jackman in the title role.

This latest trailer, which will be attached to Fast & Furious 6 when it opens this weekend, further explains the story line of Logan’s journey to Japan and showcases a few impressive action scenes that will surely be set pieces to watch during the film.

Yes, your eyes did not fool you as Jean Grey (played by Famke Janssen) makes a brief cameo appearance in The Wolverine. The reason her character’s appearance is peculiar has less to do with her role in the film and more to do at what time period the film is set. The previous solo Wolvie pic, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, was an origin story for Jackman’s character and was set before he ever met Professor X and joined the X-Men team but Janssen’s feature and Logan acknowledging her suggests this film could be set after X-Men: The Last Stand

If that doesn’t make your hair stand on end, the fight sequences on the bullet train and against Silver Samurai look to be epic and full of rage. There are a few seconds of Logan’s sometimes enemy/sometimes ally, and also ninjas (which everyone loves) and a quick spot of Viper. The rest of the clip finds Wolverine doing what he does best—kicking ass.

Consider us excited! The Wolverine stars Will Yun Lee and Tao Okamoto alongside Jackman’s title character, and hits theaters July 26.

Props: Bleeding Cool