Watch: Jennifer Aniston Plays A Stripper In ‘We’re The Millers’

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Life can’t be the pits (or Pitt) when you’re as hot as Jennifer Aniston.

The blonde bombshell takes a swing at a new role in the upcoming funny flick We’re The Millers as a wig-swapping stripper and looks damn good while doing it.

Though she recently told Chelsea Handler on The Chelsea Lately show that she wore three bras to cover up, it’s the body parts seen by the naked eye that take center-stage.

Known for her lean, muscular physique, the 44-year-old actress said on Extra that she had to crank up her yoga game a couple more notches.

“You get up into my age and you’ve gotta do a little bit more,” she said.

See her pole skills in the trailer (laced with the sounds of Fat Joe and TLC) above. We’re The Millers hits theaters June 9.