WATCH: Kris Kross’ Final Performance With Chris Kelly


“Well, ni**a, roll me a mic and let me smoke it till I’m high/ If you ever seen me rock than you know that I / Live and die for the things I do slang/ I use breakin’ down mics and destroyin’ crews.”

Those are some of the eery last lyrics Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly rapped on stage as one-half of his ’90s pop-rap duo before his untimely death last week from a suspected drug overdose. While footage of Kelly freestyling under the influence hours before his life was cut short surfaced online, his last time out with fellow jumping partner Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith is one of his more poignant cadences.

The footage below was taken from Kris Kross’ reunion at the So So Def 20th Anniversary concert in Atlanta this past February. Well into their 30s, the duo, who were only 13 when their multi-platinum hit “Jump” was released, still sported their trademark backwards pants during their performance. Check out the last performance ever of “Live And Die For Hip Hop” from Kris Kross below…