Watch: Megan Fox Bounces On A Trampoline

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Ticket sales are sure to be up for the forthcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick, especially when it includes leading lady Megan Fox jumping on a trampoline in spandex.

The foxy actress sprung back into work after having a baby with husband Brian Austin Green last year yet still manages to look like she hasn’t missed a step. The 26-year-old seductress dyed her hair red to match that of Channel 6 news reporter April O’Neil and her smoking hot post-pregnancy bod.

While filming a reported news segment, Fox was spotted bouncing up and down repeatedly on a trampoline. (Boing!)

She reunites with Transformers director Michael Bay (after having a brief fall-out over her comparing Bay to Hitler and Napoleon) who is producing the shell-shocking movie set to hit theaters in 2014.