Watch: Riff Raff Plays Jamie Franko On ‘One Life To Live’

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For those who have yet to see the trippy beach flick Spring Breakers, James Franco takes a stab at playing a golden-toothed, cornrowed rapper made in Riff Raff’s likeness.

Now, Jody High Roller is returning the favor by taking his eccentricity to the small screen for the popular soap opera One Life To Live as the character Jamie Franko.

While he doesn’t retain his rap persona, Riff plays an indistinguishable Miami art dealer who tries to get his dough from a club owner.

“This place is gorgeous, it must cost a fortune to run,” the Texas spitter says with a brilliant grin. “I came to get my moneys, I need my fettucini.”

While the daytime soap was cancelled from television, it made its return online, thus allowing us to witness the Mad Decent MC’s acting skills below.