WATCH: Skater Kids Capture Video of Metro-North Train Crash


A group of teens were at a skateshop across the street from Friday’s horrific Metro-North derailment in Bridgeport, Conn. They were able to capture amateur footage moments after the crash that left 72 people injured, and has halted service for weeks on the line between New York City and Boston.

You see the smokey aftermath of the crash, and people being taken from the train amongst the ruble with broken bones. A baby can be heard crying, as well.

“What are you waiting for, pussy?” calls out one the kids, urging his pals to check out the commotion. A lot of astonished “holy shit!”s follow. At about the 4-minute mark you can see how one train uprooted the rails from the ground upon its rush-hour derailment, causing another oncoming locomotive to crash into it. Despite the severe damage, no one was killed. Sixteen railcars have been removed from the wreckage and about 2,000 feet of track will have to be repaired. Service isn’t expected to go back to normal for weeks.

Says one passneger in the video: “Oh my God, I ain’t never seen no shit like this. Didn’t it feel like you was in a terror … something? It was worse than a fucking rollercoaster ride.” So yeah, warning there might be some strong language in footage below.