Watch: ‘The Wolverine’ Battles Silver Samurai In New Trailer

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If you’re wondering if Logan has finally met in match in the highly anticipated The Wolverine, you’ll definitely have to watch the clip and find out for yourself!

After plenty of delays, online critiques and brief glimpses of freshness, a new trailer for The Wolverine made its debut at CinemaCon a few weeks ago and is now finally available online. In the one-second flash, you can see the mutant hero with the adamantium skeleton and regenerative body clash against the Silver Samurai’s (Will Yun Lee) katana.

The full trailer is but a brief minute long clip, but fans and fiends alike will enjoy seeing that the film has plenty of action, fighting, the Yakuza and ninjas. Yes, ninjas. There’s even one epically cool shot of Viper (played by Svetlana Khodchenkova) pulling her face off.

The Wolverine is set in time sometime after X-Men: The Last Stand and finds Logan in Japan, where he’s protecting his would-be love Mariko (Tao Okamoto) from gangsters. He teams up with Yukio (Rila Fukushima), a capable fighter in her own right. “He realizes everyone he loves dies, and his whole life is full of pain,” Jackman told Entertainment Weekly during a press junket awhile back. “So, it’s just better that he just escapes. He can’t die really. He just wants to get away from everything.”

As you can see for yourself, when Logan faces the lethal steel of the Silver Samurai, Wolverine must grapple with the actual idea of death. The Wolverine continues Marvel’s summer blockbuster bonanza when it hits theaters July 26.

Props: Empire