Westboro Baptist Church Blames Kevin Durant For Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy


A prominent member of the Westboro Baptist Church is drawing a link between the Oklahoma tornado’s devastation and a local team’s support for openly gay NBA star Jason Collins. Sounds like someone is covering up their own crazy glue addiction! If you need an indicator of the pure vitriol Fred Phelps Jr. has, just take a look at his Twitter page that directs you to GodHatesFags.com. The son of Westboro Baptist Church minister Fred Phelps is stirring up controversy after he sent a series of tweets that blamed the devastating Oklahoma tornado on Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant’s support of Jason Collins and his announcement. The “religious” figure tweeted the controversial and insensitive messages below:

This isn’t the first time that an anti-gay pundit has attempted to link the cause of a natural disaster to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. In 2012, chaplain John McTernan linked Hurricane Sandy to LGBT people and President Barack Obama’s backing of marriage equality. The Oklahoma tornado tragedy found a familiar face joining in on the rhetoric, as Pat Robertson of the 700 Club made controversial comments, saying, “If enough people were praying He [Jesus] would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms.” What are your reactions to the comments? Props: Black America Web