What’s The Biggest Decision You Ever Had to Make?


I’m not the best at making sound decisions. Unofficial studies done by my co-workers at several open bar events have proven this. While taking on a career that doesn’t make me bands or choosing a college close to home may seem like major life choices, the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make actually takes place daily.

Choosing to dance my way into the office every day with a smile when it’s not genuine can be exhausting. Lord knows I’m a magnet for struggle and I got 99 problems like Hov but opening the VIBE HQs door with my head held high can take me to task when on the inside, I’m feeling lower than dirt. Case in point: today.

One of said studies took place at a VIP event hosted by industry folks I consider family. Libations on a Sunday night with my closest sounded like the best way to start off a fresh week. And while I made sure to consume a good meal beforehand, my glass stayed on refill for three hours straight. One too many adult beverages then turned me into, let’s just say, the lesser version of myself.

I’ve never been an angry drunk but I learned that liquor can make you anything and drunk words can sometimes be sober thoughts turned ugly.

Long story short: I turned into a sideshow that sounded like a foreign film when those in attendance recalled the details to me.

When I woke up this morning (with a very painful hangover I might add and I never get hangovers), it was extremely hard to mull through Monday without apologizing to the people who had to deal with me acting a fool. Thankfully, I know amazing people who not only accepted my sorry, but said it was all dirt under the rug.

Sometimes, making mistakes is the easy part. Being able to take responsibility for them is a whole other venture.

For now, I’m putting the thirst on hold (sober happy hour, anyone?) so that this type of decision-making doesn’t become a frequent affair.