Which Artist Do You Feel Is Overrated?


Any day of the week, you can catch me cruising to high levels of today’s hypnotic anthems. Yup. Hands up, accompanied by an aggressive head bob, you can find me screaming out that I ain’t got no worries. Well, at least until the song is over.

A good beat can manipulate my mind and cloud my judgment of artistry at times, but at least I’m no hypocrite. Is it wrong that the same artists I dub as overrated are ones I don’t mind jamming to while in my personal element? Or even in the club? Or at a bar? Face it, in most cases, hype outshines talent. And sometimes it’s nearly impossible to escape these overrated stars, despite how low we adjust the volume. If the music industry was a game of musical chairs, of course I’d like to stand just so a few more artists can take an everlasting seat. I’m tired of watching some dance their way out of pitchy vocals or recycle the same beat to alternate lyrics. But will I hum to their music after casting jabs and punches? Absolutely.

In a perfect world, more artists would be in-sync with their craft and abilities. You can be skillful on the keys without attempting to flex your off-pitch vocals. Or just because you can sing to open the gates of heaven, doesn’t equate to a thriving rap career. Own (master!) your talent and stick to it. And even if you do, we may still hate you. (Maybe it’s best for some of these artists collect some tips from the likes of Hov, Kanye and King B?)

No entertainer wants to be considered overrated. We know exactly the rappers and singers who receive high praise for low quality jams. They invade our radio stations, concert halls and social spaces but fail to live up to the hype. I’m not fooled by your hypnotic beats and catchy hooks, [insert name here]. But, yes, I’ll continue to dance to it.