Who Has a Better Prom Picture, You or President Obama?


When most of us dig up our old prom pictures, we’re instantly reminded of our awkward years and that crazy up do our friends still tease us about. But that’s not the case for Megan Hughes who recently submitted to TIME a prom photo of President Obama with her and another couple, Greg Orme and Kelli Allman.

The 1979 photo shows the then 17-year-old Obama in all smiles sporting a white blazer, navy shirt, and light blue tie. The commander-in-chief and his date joined another couple where they sipped champagne before going to the dance and then an after-party. “It was a really fun, happy time,” says Allman. “We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling.”

How was your prom night? How crazy looking are your prom pictures?

 Photo Credit: Time

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