Will NY Fashion Week Leave Lincoln Center?


We all know NY fashion week can be a bit obnoxious—the scantily clad models, uber expensive clothing, and wanna be stylisits drive us crazy—yet we keep coming back year after year.

But according to the New York Times, not everyone has similar sentiments. Residents and environmental groups in the New York area have filed a suit against the city and Lincoln Center, demanding they give fashion week the boot.

The suit states that the $32 million generated from the city’s July 2010 license agreement with Lincoln Center is not going back into the city, but rather Lincoln Center.

“These actions constitute an illegal alienation of Damrosch Park in violation of the New York State Public Trust Doctrine and other laws,” said NYC Park Advocates, a nonprofit watchdog group.

Fashion week generating $865 million each year and creates fashion-related jobs.

No word on whether or not fashion week will remain at Lincoln center, but one thing is for sure: we’ll be back wherever it may be.