World Star Hip-Hop Founder Wants To ‘Teach The Kids…’

News remains one of the most debated, but visited “hip-hop” websites. Really, the site just serves as a video aggregating outlet that compiles everything from Rick Ross’ latest music video to iPhone footage of streets fights, sex and other objectionable content. People don’t always admit to visiting the site, but its owner Lee “Q” O’Denat is getting rich off these video exploits.

Though he claims to be a true fan of groups like Black Moon and Wu-Tang, he has no qualms about serving up garbage on WSHH.

“[S]trippers, drug talk, violent talk, fights, animosity, love and hate — that’s just hip-hop culture,” Q tells L.A. Weekly. “It’s very aggressive and in your face.” Q says he doesn’t feel bad about serving up his often X-rated videos and says that his own kids have blocks on their computers from accessing adult content. However, his oldest is allowed to browse the site, with some restrictions.

“My oldest goes on the site,” he says. “He knows better than to watch any crazy stuff. He likes to watch the music videos. His laptop is monitored. There are worse things than WorldStar out there. I’ve seen some crazy stuff on the Internet. My website is definitely, borderline, not kid-friendly. So I try to put that on his computer so he doesn’t see any type of nudity.”

Call him what you want, but in his own eyes, he’s doing the world a favor.

“I come from nothing, and hard work got me here,” he explains. “I want to teach the kids that you don’t have to go to Harvard to be a smart guy,” he continues.”We need cameras in these inner city streets. How else are people going to know?” he says. “People are just afraid of the light. If you live in the dark, you’re afraid of the light. But I’m not afraid. It’s time that people see. Maybe it will fix [things].”

Do you agree?