Zoe Saldana On Being Androgynous: ‘I Might End Up With A Woman’


Zoe Saldana just gave every straight female a reason to play for the other team.

In her new jaw-dropping spread for Allure magazine, the smoking hot actress peels off her layers and discusses being through with dating Hollywood’s leading men.

“Been there, done that, got the T-shirt,” she says about romance with actors, which include Hangover III hunk Bradley Cooper and entrepreneur Keith Britton.

She also probes the possibility of having a relationship with another chick. While The Star Trek Into The Darkness starlet describes herself as “androgynous” as a result of being raised in an open household, she says that she might “end up with a woman raising my children…that’s how androgynous I am!”

However, she wouldn’t confirm nor deny ever having a relationship with a woman prior. “Promise me one thing: You’re going to ask this question [in the article]—if you choose to, just put three dots as my response. That’s it.”


Her voyage on the enterprise continues in theaters May 17. Read the full interview and gawk at Uhura’s body of work here.