Zoe Saldana Wasn’t Going to Take On the Role of Uhura in ‘Star Trek’


Zoe Saldana Star Trek

Zoe Saldana talked a great game at the special screening of Star Trek Into The Darkness Thursday (May 16), discussing her love for sci-fi and why she would never bag a “damsel in distress” role.

“I just liked an infinite imagination to imagine the unimaginable,” the Allure cover girl said about her science fiction obsession during the Q&A hosted by Arise TV’s Lola Ogunnaike. “You can easily tell [a love story] about two people growing up on the same block…but a tale between two vampires that have been living here for centuries, that, to me, is revolutionary. That sparked something in me at seven years old that I can’t disconnect from.”

While the Mynx moscato was overflowing in the Paramount screening room at Viacom HQs, so was Zoe’s candidness.

The Latina actress admitted that she wasn’t going to initially take on the role of Uhura because she didn’t want the “added pressure” from following in the original Trek diva Nichelle Nichols. “She’s a beast, a woman that lives her own life,” she said.

It was Nichols who told Saldana to have fun and run with it. “‘You don’t have to listen to what anybody says, you do your thing and that’s it,” Zoe recalled of the original Uhura’s advice.

Still, challenging roles are the bread and butter of the starlet’s career, who opts out of damsel-in-distress roles. “That poor representation of women in our art is boring,” she said. “I don’t want to pay $14 to sit in a theater to watch a man help a woman open a jar.”

While she says she will never play a role that isn’t complex, the 34-year-old would rather wait for a challenge. “I feel like there are enough actresses out there that will say yes to roles like that. They don’t need one more,” she said. “I’m going to be busy sitting and waiting for good roles and they may be a while, but when they do come along, I give a 150% because they challenge me because they represent me.”