10 Celebrities Who Despise The Paparazzi


In our vainest of thoughts, the idea of being followed by a barrage of photographers sounds like the life. But for the rich and famous who live this reality, it ain’t always pretty. Paparazzi make our Instagram profiles look like child’s play, as they’ve become increasingly more aggressive to snap celebrity candids. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t always well-received. Check out these 10 stars who’ve rebelled against the paps.

1. Kanye West

It’s no secret that Mr. West is easily annoyed, and the paparazzi have felt the rapper’s wrath on more than one occasion. From flipping the bird to onstage rants to straight-up assault, Kanye’s relationship with street photogs has been anything but amicable. He even recently requested that they “don’t ever talk” to him. Reasonable enough.

Photo Credit: E Online