10 U.K. Rappers About To Blow

Talking about good U.K. hip-hop, which everyone should be doing these days, considering it’s essentially the biggest thing since the south eclipsed the American rap scene (we’re kidding), there’s a new cluster of talent from this side of the pond who are leveraging their talent and swagger to an audience that matters: forget trying to win people over, they get that the game can be an arduous and endless battle. So rather than try to emulate the U.S. Billboard Top 100, they’re being true to a sound that’s been buried in the U.K.’s underground, and slowly, albeit surely, they’re making a steady trajectory.

If you’ve championed these artists from the jump, you already know about paying dues. A lot of these MCs have made continuous rounds on sites like SBTV, Link Up TV and GRM Daily before finally culminating followings throughout Europe and opening for top tier artists. To complement our list of 10 U.K. Rappers You Need To Know, check out these 10 next to blow.