10 Appalling Recent Rap Lyrics

For a genre that was founded on artistic—and at times rebellious—verbal expression, long gone are the days when rap lyrics are simply taken as empty couplets. Now under the strongest of microscopes, rappers are being scrutinized for their word choice, references and lack of sensitivity.

From racism, to sex, to politics, artists have drawn quite a bit of attention with their ruthless bars. Squirm in your seat to a few of the most appalling rap lyrics in recent history.

Lil Wayne – “Karate Chop (Remix)”

Lyric: “Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till”

Weezy’s lyrical relationship with the female sex organ has never been exactly sensitive, but this one proved the most controversial. The rapper’s reference to Till—who was beaten to death in 1955 at the age 14 for allegedly flirting with a white woman—was met with outrage.