10 Rappers Who’ve Been Robbed In Recent History


Did 2 Chainz get robbed in San Francisco on Sunday? TMZ says yes, and they reportedly talked to the San Francisco Police Department to prove it. But 2 Chainz says no, and he claims that if he had been robbed, then photos of his missing stuff would have found their way to the Internet by now. “Rule #1,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday, “if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch, money etc.”

So who’s telling the truth? We don’t know. But if 2 Chainz did get stuck up, there’s really nothing for him to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be the first—or the last—rapper to get robbed. Here, 10 other rappers who’ve also been reportedly robbed in recent history.