10 Topics Dave Chappelle Should Discuss On The ‘Funny Or Die’ Comedy Tour


Guess who’s back? Almost seven years after the final episode of Chappelle’s Show aired on Comedy Central, Dave Chappelle is preparing to make his long-awaited return to the comedy stage this summer as the headlining act on the Funny Or Die Presents: The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour.

Technically, he’s been working on new material for quite some time now by doing random stand-up performances alongside comedians like Chris Rock. But the Funny Or Die comedy tour—which begins on August 23 in Austin, Texas, and includes 13 shows in 13 different cities over the course of a month—will be Chappelle’s first comedy tour since Chappelle’s Show. And we’re glad to see him coming back.

A lot has changed in the past seven years, though. So Chappelle needs to make sure that the topics he touches on in his new stand-up routine are current. Here, we came up with 10 topics that we would love to hear the comedy legend talk about during his time on the Funny Or Die tour.

Photo Credit: Bossip