112’s Michael Keith Asks “When Is It Enough?”

Let me start this column off by making the following statement… “I am not a quitter”

I don’t subscribe to quitting, I don’t believe in quitting. The word makes the very core of my being shutter with utter disgust. However, I am not oblivious to the notion of making a strategic exit when the opportunity presents itself. And there is no greater opportunity than when you give your all to your significant other, and there’s little if any reciprocity.

Knowing when to say when is vital to your well-being. However not knowing when to throw in the proverbial towel can be devastating. Leading to years of stress and therapy bills. Many of our most brilliant minds in military history knew when to beat a hasty retreat until a better opportunity presented itself. There were others of course who refused this course of action and soon realized how real it can get. Remember what happened at “The Battle of the Little Bighorn”? That’s Custer’s last stand for all you non history buffs.
All of this can be avoided if you start making more decisions using your head and not your heart. Now I realize many of you readers believe that you’re a “fixer” but going all Olivia Pope on your significant who’s unwilling to change their ways for the betterment of your relationship isn’t worth your time and effort.

You see, a relationship is about change…an evolution of you and your significant other to benefit the both of you equally. Now I like the sound of that…Sadly though, many of us settle for a lifetime disappointments and unhappiness because of some silly notion that you’re considered a “Quitter” if you decide the best thing for you to do leave the relationship and start all over after you’ve exhausted every effort to make it work. That’s not a quitter….that my friends, is someone who’s tired of the BS and is ready to find someone worthy of their love!

Do yourself a favor…and learn when to say when. Don’t be defiant and turn a blind eye to the truth by staying in a situation that, you know at some point, is going to end badly.

Remember what happened to Custer?…I’m just saying —Michael Keith (@Michaelkeith112)