20 ‘Light Skin’ And ‘Dark Skin’ References In Rap Lyrics


When it comes to the great skin color debate in the Black community, MCs tend to weigh in on the topic, intentionally or not, in their lyrics. With the documentary, Dark Girls, airing yesterday (June 23) on OWN, the debate raged on and Twitter sounded off.

As evidenced by A$AP Rocky’s recent opinion on which women should rock red lipstick and Consequence’s line “Light skin is the right skin,” rappers still have very staunch opinions on the subject. Preference is one thing, but some sound downright ignorant when it comes to talking about skin tones.

On the flip side, Kendrick Lamar was praised for requesting a dark-skin lead for his “Poetic Justice” visual. Giving sisters of all colors props is cool, but arguing over the superiority of light or dark is a dispute we wish would fade to black. Click through for a roundup of rappers getting colorful in their lyrics. –C. Vernon Coleman II