30 NBA Finals Predictions From Twitter


As the sports history books say (and as we’re reminded every year), the winner of Game 1 has gone on to win the NBA Championship the majority of the time. The San Antonio Spurs Vs. Miami Heat series kicks off tonight with Game 1 at 9 p.m. ET, and Twitter’s armchair analysts are already predicting who’ll emerge from the court clutching a trophy. Will LeBron put a second championship ring on it, or will the Spurs laboriously take down D. Wade and company? Check out the VIBE staff’s predictions below and click through to see Twitter make like Miss Cleo about Game 1 and the series.

Spurs for every round #HatetheHeat.
Heat takes Game 1. Spurs win series in 7.
The Heat all the way.
Spurs win. Baby bitch Bron-Bron is annoying.
Always NOT the Heat. Spurs all the way.
Heat in 7, but I’m not happy about it!
The Spurs overall, but game 1 will be the Heat. LeBron will turnup and then turndown.