5 Celebs Who Have Fought Back Against Photoshop

Female celebs often get a bad rep for being too shallow and trying to present themselves as perfect to the public (see: excessive makeup, botox, tummy tucks). But the number one and newest miracle worker has, and might always be, Photoshop. Whether it be a nose fix or a blemish removal, there is always a disconnect (and well-skilled designer) between what a cover girl looks like on a glossy and the reality of the celeb’s frame.

Recently, actress Melissa McCarthy’s curvy physique was photoshopped to look slimmer on the poster of her new movie The Heat, alongside Sandra Bullock. Fans of the Bridesmaid star were outraged to see the retouched shots. But Melissa isn’t the first celeb to get the unwarranted Photoshop treatment though.

Flip through our gallery to see five celeb Vixens who have spoken out against Photoshop. — Terry Carter Jr.