5 Reasons Serena Williams’ French Open Win Is Significant


Serena Williams is indeed the “Queen of the Court” as she continues to add intricately crafted trophies to her collection. Since taking home her first French Open win in 2002 (cue platinum blonde braid extensions) and returning to the clay court 11 years later to win her second title (June 8), her triumph at Roland Garros proved more inspiring and significant than others. Check out these five reasons to see why.

1. The longevity of her sporting career.
Serena has been recorded numerous times stating she still has many years ahead of her and her game will continue to improve. It’s safe to say the best has yet to come with this tennis star.

2. The California native remains a role model for the African American Community.
Since breaking onto the scene with her first singles win at the 1999 U.S. Open, Serena has proved to be a groundbreaking athlete and a role model for African American women across the country as she overcame adversity and stayed focused on her goals.

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Photo Credit: The Grio