8 Rappers Who’ve Paid Homage To Other Rappers In Songs

J. Cole really, really respects Nas. He respects him so much that on his new album, Born Sinner, he dedicates an entire track to him. “Let Nas Down” tells the story of how Cole felt when he heard that Nas didn’t like his debut single, “Work Out,” when it was released in June 2011. And Nas apparently appreciated the sentiments that Cole expresses on the song, so he agreed to jump on a remix for it recently.

As we mentioned on Monday, the remix is one of the most intriguing records released in 2013. But Cole is far from the first rapper to pay homage to one of his rap idols through a song. Over the years, a number of rappers have done the same thing. We’re not talking about rappers who’ve written songs for their fallen comrades. We’re talking about those who’ve done tributes to rappers who are still with us out of respect. Check out 8 of those songs here.