9 Male Celebs Who Need to Put A Ring On It

There’s an unwritten rule that all male celebs follow: Act like a bachelor when in public—especially towards female fans. But at some point, men should grow up and give their girlfriends a ring that symbolizes promises. Not that we’re pressuring these fellas (okay, maybe a little), but these male celebs have been dating/engaged to their partners for way too long. A wedding is long overdue for these loyal ladies who have been patiently waiting for their (wedding) ring. Click through to see who needs to man up and get married already. —Terry Carter

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
John Legend has the voice of an angel and Chrissy has the body of a goddess—this pair is a match made in heaven. We’re not sure what’s taking Mr. Legend forever to walk down the aisle and begin their holy matrimony.

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