According to Realtor Jay Morrison: How to Rent An Apartment the Smart Way


Jay Morrison

Jay Morrison isn’t your typical real estate agent. Instead of choosing the road best traveled, he opted for the one you never want to go down. “[I was in] prison at 18 at Rikers Island doing three years to life,” he recalled, “and in prison, again, at age 22.”

With drug trafficking charges and felonies in multiple states all before the age of 30, the realtor decided to make a change in his life to have a more prosperous outcome. “When I was on parole, I started learning finances in real estate. I was a loan officer in a mortgage company, fixed my credit and got into buying houses.”

The once street hustler flipped his drug transactions to house transactions and, by the age of 27, owned six houses. Transforming his story into the success of an NBC show Open House NYC and book Hip Hop 2 Homeowner: How WE Build Wealth In America–in which the man who views himself as a “a business man that holds a real estate license”–the house-hunting agent helps mentor his community about “the power of ownership and the power of building your credit.”

Finding the perfect apartment is not the best after-work activity, and many times, after you’ve locked in your new abode, the headache begins. Whether it’s paying too much on rent or moving into the wrong neighborhood, Jay Morrison is here to help. Flip the page to get the ins and outs of renting your own place. –Sharifa Daniels