Adam Carolla Lawsuit: Funnyman Sued By Former Friend

Adam Carolla lawsuit – the redux.

The former “Man Show” host is being sued by Donny Misraje, a self-described “very close friend of Carolla’s for over 30 years,” for the second time.

The Adam Carolla lawsuit is over some pictures that were in Carolla’s 2012 memoir “Not Taco Bell Material,” which Misraje claims he owns. Misraje wants damages from the use of the pictures, plus wants all remaining copies of the book to be destroyed.

This is the second Adam Carolla lawsuit involving his former friend – Misraje sued Carolla earlier this year over Carolla’s wildly popular podcast/radio show. He claims he encouraged Carolla to start it, but hasn’t been paid for his work on the show and had to quit his other job in order to work on it.

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