Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Arrested

Cincinati Bengals football player Adam “Pacman” Jones might have to defend himself off the field soon as the cornerback was arrested for one count of assault for slapping a female outside of a bar today, according to USA TODAY sports.

Jones announced on Twitter that he was arrested, claiming he was wrongfully accused and it was only an act of self-defense, according to his agent Peter Schaffer, in which Jones stated “he hit a woman in the face after he thought she might have thrown a beer bottle at his head.”

“Just got arrested for protecting myself,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “I will not let this break me or change what I have work so hard for.”

Schaffer said he’s spoken to witnesses who have confirmed Jones’ story and that he’s hoping to get a copy of the bar’s security video.

Although, there might be truth to Jones’ statement and witnesses to back him this is not the first time “Pacman” has acted rowdy in front of a club and had an encounter with the law.

According to USA Today, Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest outside a Cincinnati nightclub in July 2011. Also in 2010, after a loss to Tampa Bay, Jones was handcuffed and detained near Great American Ball Park after being involved in a traffic incident.

Police did not issue a report on Jones’ arrest yet.

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