Adidas Unveils Revolutionary ‘Springblade’ Running Shoe


After six formative years, Adidas has unleashed a groundbreaking running shoe that is slated to change the way athletes on every level perform.

The Springblade is the first running shoe designed with individually tuned blades, engineered to help propel runners forward. In response to consumer demands and athlete requests, Adidas began crafting the innovative shoe in 2007. Its unique features were inspired by the sport of pole vaulting, diving boards and motorcycle suspensions. There are 16 forward angled blades made out of high-tech polymer that compress and release energy, seamlessly allowing for a more explosive running experience. Springblade’s flexible midsole construction was crafted to hug the top of a runner’s foot, harnessing the momentum returned from the springs on the outsole. Adidas plans to release its unparalleled sneaker in seven different colorways on August 1. Springblade will be available for $180 at and select footwear retailers nationwide.