Afrojack Drops Booming Previews For ‘It’s A Matter Of…’ Album

Afrojack has woken up from his “far far away” sleep-state and is ready to party. EDM Dutch sensation, born Nick van de Wall, preps his album, It’s A Matter Of… due to drop next week. To build up some hype, he unleashed some preview bangers via Twitter.

“Raybomb” is a reminder of the kind of bleeps and buildup that he’s known for. Turn up the bass on this big-room anthem.

Next, Afro brings the bass-filled tune, “Griever” and leaves room for a topline singer to add vocals in the future.

“Yubaba” will become another Afrojack classic. The slight vocal build up is great and the when the beat drops it becomes epic. Music festivals around the world will love this next hit.

Afrojack’s first track off the album is one he’s been incorporating into sets across globe recently. If you haven’t heard it yet, come out from under your “rock” and lay your ear to “Rocker”.

Photo Credit: WhiteRiverRafting