Try This: Sweating Sexy With Exotic Dance Fitness

strip teaseBeing comfortable in our own skin is so important.  That is the goal of all SXT instructors including Jessica McGhee, who teaches my “Booty, Jiggle and Pop” fitness class. “Stripper strength” moves combined with belly dance, reggae and hip-hop strengthen and tone your legs and backside.

“I feel like this class incorporates the sexy side of things that women are missing from a lot of their classes,” says Jessica. “When the pole dance craze took over, everyone thought pole was amazing. But typically people don’t have a pole in their houses. We really incorporate a lot of those strip club style movements [into our classes]. We make women feel hot and get a lot of confidence. We have no problem telling women to grab their tits and smack their ass.”

Although the “flirty” workout craze appeals to a younger generation, there are all types of women in SXT classes. Mothers and daughters, divorcee’s and single twenty-somethings all keep Jessica motivated as an instructor. “We have a lot of girls that come in really uncomfortable with the movement,” says Jessica. “It takes a lot for people to step into class for the first time, especially after reading our website and recognizing that we’re a lot more of the sexier stuff. It’s really funny to see someone come into class and say ‘My friend brought this Groupon for me’ and then at the end of class, they’re giving themselves the ‘predator face’ in the mirror and they’re rubbin’ themselves up and feeling fantastic. We really love to see that.”

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