Is Amanda Bynes Really About To Get A Record Deal?

Amanda Bynes’ dreams of becoming a hip hop star just might come true.

The disturbed former Nickelodeon star has been saying that she has ambitions of becoming a hip-hop star and Chinga Chang Record label has been paying attention.

According to RadarOnline, Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records is in the process of negotiating a potential deal with the actress.

“The fact that Amanda wants to do hip hop music means that Chinga Chang label is the best place for her to do this, because of my past experience with bringing pop and legitimate hip hop together,” Herman told RadarOnline.

With the backing of The Orchard and Sony Entertainment, Herman is eager to put Amanda’s rap talent to use.

Her gangster Twitter rants, especially the one featuring Drake, is another reason Herman wants to produce her record.

“I think that she’s more gangster than Drake,” he said.

Herman is still waiting to hear back from Amanda’s attorneys to continue negotiating the deal.

Photo Credit: Getty