Apple Introduces iTunes Radio

With iOS 7 scheduled for release this fall, Apple adds Internet radio to its mix of upgrades.

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Mac and PC, iTunes Radio is the tech giant’s newest venture into the market of music streaming services, already populated by the likes of Spotify and Pandora.

iTunes Radio is a free, ad-supported streaming music service that allows listeners to customize playlists, choose stations and easily buy music.

“Your stations evolve based on the music you play and download,” reads Apple’s official site. “So the more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more iTunes Radio knows what you like to listen to — and the more personalized your experience becomes.”

Unlike its competitor Pandora, who restricted mobile users to only 40 hours of play per month in February, Apple will not put a cap on play time for free listening on mobile devices.

Users who are subscribed to iTunes Match, a service that allows them to store music in iCloud, won’t be interrupted by advertisements for $25 a year.