Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Spotted in Brooklyn Park [Photo]

It’s not every day a girl spots a pop superstar and her offspring chillin’ in the park. But New York Times’ op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow taught his daughter well.

When she spotted Beyoncé pushing one-year-old Blue Ivy in a Brooklyn park swing Sunday (June 9), she ran home to share the news.

“Daughter just came in the house breathless,” he tweeted. “Saw Beyonce and Blue Ivy in the kiddie park down the street.”

A smiling Mama B, who was out celebrating Kanye West’s birthday last night, rocked a hat while young B.I.C. donned a blue bow in her natural locs.

No word on who snapped the pic, but Beyoncé seems to enjoy living a semi-normal lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Lipstick Alley