Cee-Lo Says Goodie Mob Is 'Fighting For The Civil Rights Of Hip-Hop'

Longtime fans of legendary hip-hop act Goodie Mob already have a release date for the four-man group’s reunion album Age Against The Machine (Aug. 27). Indeed, with their Janelle Monaé-assisted single “Special Education” already making noise, the respected Atlanta representatives—Cee-Lo Green, Khujo, T-Mo, and Big Gipp—are plotting a return-to-form.

“We are very proud of this project,” says Cee-Lo, who is being credited with spearheading the group’s charge back onto the rap landscape following a well-received stint as a judge on NBC’s vocal talent show The Voice, as well as his Grammy-winning success as a songwriter and member of the alternative duo Gnarls Barkley. But the flamboyant music visionary made it known that the first release from the full-lineup of the Dirty South icons since 1999’s World Party is more than just making an entertaining record. He says Goodie Mob wants to inject a more worldly point of view into today’s club-or-bust hip-hop scene.

“I want to elaborate a little more on the [album title],” he says. “It’s experience against the machine. It’s imperative and it’s urgent that we bring about a balance. I believe that we have been activists fighting for the civil rights of hip-hop where we were once not respected as an authentic artform. I think that we proved ourselves worthy. But the spoils of the inheritance have allowed the children to run amok, if you will. It’s like Lord of the Flies out there [laughs]. So therefore, as elder statesmen it’s very important that we just bring a lot of knowledge. This is not to undermine; this is to be an alternative, another option.”

T-Mo echoes Cee-Lo’s view on the importance of a Goodie Mob reunion in 2013. “It was totally God that brought us back and humbled us to be able to grow again as a unit and to do something that hasn’t been done,” he says. “Because there’s not any [hip-hop] groups anymore in the industry. We are the only four-man group in the industry right now…we are an alternative in music right now. We just want y’all to understand that we are trying to make a difference in our music by saying something.”

Goodie Mob is set to hit the road this summer, starting with Washington, D.C. on August 24. —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

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Bun B's Lawyer Provides Update On Attempted Armed Robbery Aftermath

On Tuesday (April 24), Bun B confronted an armed robber, who was later identified as 20-year-old DeMonte Jackson. The latter attempted to rob the legendary rapper's home but acted swiftly with his own registered firearm. When Bun B's wife, Angela "Queenie" Walls answered a knock on the door, a masked Freeman entered with his weapon but was later met with the Trill rapper's fire and was detained at a hospital while being treated for his wounds.

In a statement provided to XXL, lawyer Charles Adams said he doesn't expect charges to be filed against the Texas native. "In Texas, you can defend your home. And if an armed home invader breaks into your home and puts a gun at your wife's head, you can shoot the guy if he's still in your home," Adams said. "Honestly, this might sound cheesy, thank God that Bun had a gun. Thank God that he was courageous enough to defend his home and his wife [Queenie]. And thank God Queenie was courageous enough to not let the man go upstairs."

As Queenie led Jackson to the garage, Bun B, born Bernard Freeman, became aware of the incident from another part of the house and opened fire on Jackson. The latter was charged with one count of burglary plus two levies of aggravated robbery.

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Former Felons May Have To Pay Court Fines Before Voting In Florida

Florida made history when it passed Amendment 4 restoring voting rights to the state's nearly one million former felons.

However, on Wednesday (April 24) the GOP-House passed a bill that would require former felons to pay court fees, fine,s and restitution prior to voting. The Senate bill requires that just restitution be paid. If this measure is passed it could prohibit thousands of ex-cons from being able to vote.

The state reportedly also doesn't have a method to properly tally restitution and to create a system could cost millions. On Wednesday, the House considered a proposal by the Senate that would allot $2 million to hire more workers at the Florida Commission on Offender Review to review the applications of former felons.

That commission would then report their findings to local supervisors of elections.

“Obviously, the individual is responsible for determining whether they’ve completed all the terms of their own sentence,” Sen. Jeff Brandes “If they have questions, they should go to local supervisors of elections.”

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Fans Are Asking Crayola To Name A Crayon After Nipsey Hussle

The hip-hop game is still mourning the death of Nipsey Hussle. There have been many memorials and tributes made out of respect for the rapper, who was killed on Mar. 31 in front of his clothing store. It looks like fans of the Victory Lap musician are attempting to make sure his colorful spirit is felt anywhere and everywhere.

In 2017, Crayola tweeted out that they needed some help naming their new shocking blue crayon color. A fan quote-tweeted the two-year-old inquiry, stating that the then-new color should be called "Nipsey Blue."

The tweet caught on, with many others adding responses that the color should pertain to Hussle, with ideas such as 60’s Blue, Marathon Blue, Crenshaw Blue, and Victory Blue. Since the tweet is quite old, these names won't be making the cut this time around. The crayon was actually named "Bluetiful" back in September 2017.

Hussle was honored with a mural outside of a basketball court in Los Angeles, and it was also announced that the intersection of South LA's Crenshaw Boulevard and West Slauson Avenue will officially be renamed in honor of the Grammy nominee.

Nipsey Blue

— Glasses Malone (@gmalone) April 25, 2019

Nipsey Blue Blue Laces 60’s Blue Marathon Blue Crenshaw Blue Victory Blue Motivation Blue Slauson Boy Blue Blueprint TMC Blue RSC Blue Brynhurst Blue Ocean View Blue - You see where I’m going with this... 🏁💙🏃🏾‍♂️

— TreezJobs | FatSpike (@FilmMakingTreez) April 25, 2019

Nipsey Blue 🏁 .. with portions of the proceeds going to inner city stem programs for kids

— Chris Cap (@ChrisCapLive) April 25, 2019

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