Celebrities Celebrate Father’s Day on Instagram [Photos]

Sunday (June 16) marked another year specifically set aside to cater to the men who helped raise us and the ones who help raise our kids. Father’s Day is for the first guy we fell in love with, the one we depended on to wipe our tears and fix our problems and the ones that will give us away to the only guy who may come close to filling their shoes. A holiday to celebrate the guys who were there for our first step, dance boyfriend, and everything in between.

Take a look at some of the celebrity Vixens that praised the #1 men in their lives. — Sharifa Daniels

@AdrienneBosh: Happy Father’s Day to my Husband the man who makes our world go round! You always go above and beyond to be the best Daddy you can be Day in and Day out, and you do it all with a smile:) You are our Rock, our Guide, our chef for a yummy family meal, Your strong arms have lifted our kids up after a stumble and told them to wipe it off and keep going. You are their encourager, there to provide and teach them all life has to offer…I’m so happy to have you as a partner in all of this. Wherever I lack, you raise the bar and our children are better beings because of you! Thank U @chrisbosh